White Label

You have a recognized brand, an invoicing service and your customers’ trust; we can bring you all you need to build your offer: a turnkey VOD solution including infrastructure, service and content. Distribution, marketing, pricing and customer interfacing stay with you… Our solution simply becomes yours.

Content Management

You are able to deliver a VOD service but would like to enrich your offer and improve the content’s editorial management to increase usage and customer satisfaction. You can rely on our expertise in audiovisual content management and editorial animation (recommendation engine, search engine, client base segmentation). Our expertise in audiovisual content management is at your service.


You have a recognized brand, a distribution network and offer solutions in the fields of broadcast, cinema or audiovisual content. By offering our VOD HollyStar solution, you build customer loyalty and generate additional revenue, whilst incurring marginal risk and not having to worry about administrative tasks. Your client will access all of the HollyStar services (www.hollystar.ch) et we manage the VOD offer for you.

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